Winning international championships and earning an incredible name for India, Rohit Jangid proves how a determined mind can do anything.

The kind of success and the insane level of growth and development a few industries have achieved so far can be attributed to a myriad of factors. One includes the tech advancements the world has noticed among sectors, but no one can deny how a few professionals, with their incessant hard work, commitment, and determination, transform their chosen industries for the better and attract more growth for them. The same can be said for the sports world, where so many youngsters have made their mark and, with their outstanding zealousness and innate skills, have made their way to the top in incredible ways. Who better than Rohit Jangid to serve as an example here in the world of sports? 

Rohit Jangid is one of those rare personalities in the sporting world who, as a Wushu player, has earned glory like no other from India. This young man is all about his passion and love for Chinese martial arts, which involves heavy fighting activities. He always knew he wanted to earn a name for the country and, for that, focused the maximum on honing his skills in Wushu to represent India. That’s what he did as he grew up and today is a man attached with too many achievements like winning a Bronze medal at the 12th Wushu International Championship Hong Kong, a Bronze medal at the 9th World International Championships Georgia, and a Bronze medal at the International Wushu Cup Nepal.

Not just that, the driven and determined man also serves as the brand ambassador of a well-known nutrition company and was trained at one of the biggest training academies in the world in Phuket, Thailand, for six months. “Winning at international championships was a tough job, but I guess the many challenges I faced at the beginning of my career had ignited the fire in me to do my best and that conviction, confidence, and most importantly, the determination to fight it all in the ring has what allowed me to represent my country and win accolades for the same.”

Rohit Jangid ( says that in the end, people should believe in themselves, work with consistency and strive to always give their best.

Rohit Jangid

Rohit Jangid is an Indian Wushu player. When he was young, he began winning medals. He has won multiple medals in International championships and national-level competitions.

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