The young talent from Jaipur, Rajasthan, has earned a name for himself and, most importantly, for the country inspiring the youth.

It is truly remarkable when a few youngsters today focus on not the end result but the journey itself. How incredible it is to know that these young talents have proved their mettle in ways more than one and, in the process, have made others mesmerized with their successes and the kind of impact they have had on them. Focusing more on putting efforts “today” to create a brighter future “tomorrow” is something they work around consistently in life, which eventually gets them nearer their goals and visions. Also, these individuals and professionals in their respective fields focus on honing their skills to achieve excellence and not just blindly run behind success. This is exactly what Indian Wushu champion Rohit Jangid also did in his career and now looks unstoppable in the field.

After gaining many achievements and accolades in his career, the Jaipur boy today is a man of talent for the entire country as he has showcased his A-game in Wushu internationally, winning Bronze medals at the coveted 12th Wushu International Championship Hong Kong, 9th World International Championships Georgia, and the International Wushu Cup Nepal. 

On asking what has helped him achieve such incredible laurels for the country, Rohit Jangid says that when people mix their passion with resilience, everything becomes attainable and possible at the right time, no matter how difficult it may appear from the outside or how tough it may look. He did the same, and without thinking of whether he would win games in Wushu, he only focused on how well he could stay undefeated in the ring.

His moves as a Wushu athlete, his brilliance in tackling the opponent, and his sheer confidence to take on the fight has been prime reasons for his swift rise in the sporting world. Still, he feels he has a long way to go and also believes in always giving his best. Currently, he is preparing for the upcoming championships he aims to become a part of.

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Rohit Jangid

Rohit Jangid is an Indian Wushu player. When he was young, he began winning medals. He has won multiple medals in International championships and national-level competitions.

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